From Holland to Germany.
And finally Denmark.
Windmill blades.
The holiday home.
The park with swimming pool.
Miniature golf.
Pony riding.
She wanted the big h.. one was big enough.
Two days of Legoland in Billund.
Lego train.
Riding the boats.
Atlantis underwater world. With a real shark.
Tim's first driving lesson.
Tim has his driver license now.
Tim's favorite: the fire squad. First you have to drive to the fire
Then pump and aim... the window.. and drive back.
Legoland can be tiring.
Big chief.
The miniature park.
Dutch train.
Real ducks.
Goodbye Legoland.
Daytrip to Arhus.
They have 7-Eleven in Danmark too.
Back to Holland. Goodbye Denmark.
Tim isn't feeling well.
Hamburg harbour.
Traffic jam: 9 km. Julia can read. Tim too.
Almost home.
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