Julia and Stacey. At the kindergarten.
Julia's artwork. Sinterklaas is arriving.
Everyone gets a present.
Sint also pays a visit to Tim's school. But he arrives on a tractor.
Apparently he is a bit tired.
At grandpa and grandma's place. Sinterklaas also delivers presents there.
First toss the dice, then open a present.
Julia gets princess shoes.
Tim a police car.
Oma some photo's.
Mammy a game.
A little hard to open, so oma helps. A police station. Julia also gets farm animals.
And a princess' dress. Very good for peeling tangerines with oma.
Hey, what are you doing? Iris becomes a Dutch..izen on December 15. So Radio Gelderland for an interview.
The TV is also there. They interview the major on the ice rink.
Here is the ceremony. Another interview.
The speech.
Julia!!!!! The gift. The oath. And the papers. Now it is official.
New Dutchmen and women. Then ice skating.
And a real Dutch meal.
The snow comes early this year.
Xmas celebration at the kindergarten.
And more snow. This is how you playing outside. dscn8510
Snow fight.
And making a snowman.
Ta-da! And more snow.
My ring is too small.
Making cake.
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