Tim's vulcano.
Tim lost another tooth.
Speeling beauty. A school performance.
The headmaster. The cast. Very exciting, uh?
In a real theatre. The kindergarten kids. Tim takes the stage.
With his classmates. The finale. Thank you, thank you.
Tim in his outfit.
Where are we going? Left or straight. Straight. To the restaurant?
No. To the station. This train? No!
This one, then? No! This one.
Then the bus. To the railway museum.
Making a puzzle. Riding the miniature train.
Keeping balance.
Sorting the mail in the post train. Mey-mei doesn't want anymore. Stil not. Yes, she does!
Lifting the train. The first train in Holland.
A performance by a cook.
Then to the bakery museum. This baker gave a funny performance.
Making beautiful things.
The little gnome's bake too. And you could make "speculaas".
Push it in the mould. Scrape away the excess.
Turn in over. Decorate it. So cute. Feeding the ducks.
In Hattem you had ve..ngs, like this pump.
And beautiful houses. And the bakery museum.
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