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It's January 2010 and I present you with the spanking-brand-new..........

....shack!!! Well, not really, but I put in a new shelf, finished the touch paddle with keyer and I've got a oscilloscope now. Below the desk lots of boxes, coax cable and drawers with capacitors. As you can see it was damp and it had snowed. When you turn 270 degrees you see.....

More parts, documentation and the TR-9000 and TR-9500 with the Heathkit SWR meter.

Still the same old radio's: the Kenwood TS-130V and the FRG-7 from Yaesu. A Daiwa SWR meter and switchbox for the microphone. Also a coax switch so I can use the inverted-V's with both radio's.

The antenna farm:

Two inverted-V's, one for 20m, one for 40m with a bright yellow J-pole for 2 meters op top.



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