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10 m CW QRP tranceiver

The local chapter of the VERON, of which I am a member, wanted to start a CW training group. We all have transceivers and keys, but what can be more fun than building your own? QRP, because it is only for local use. 10 Meters, because that band is not used much these days. Here some impressions from the project, which we started with 8 people in November 2009. I finished my set in February and after a coat of spray paint I put it in operation in March.

Me, the fool, with Wouter trying to figure out what goes where. I'm the one without the beard, hi.

One of those mini-laptops is handy for looking up spec-sheets.

December 2009, the oscillator is installed. The side tone generator and AF-amp are next.

The end of December 2009. The first part of the "dead bug style" part of the transceiver is finished.

The AF amp and side tone generator installed.

The connectors on the back.

Almost finished mid-February.

The upper side with VFO and audio section.

The lower part with mixer and other stuff.

All finished after a spray paint job and lettering.

With morse key putting  out 300mW into a dummy load.



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