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PI4VRZ/A at Kootwijk

On Saturday, June 19th, 2010 my son Tim and myself (PA2BX) went with Wouter (PG2W) to the weekly club broadcast of the Dutch Radio Amateur Club VRZA.

A 40 minute drive with Wouter behind the wheel.

The club station is located in the small village of Radio Kootwijk.

The building of Kootwijk Radio in sight.

First, you pass the water tower with the water supply to cool the transmitters.

Tim opens the gate.

And securely locks it.

Approach to the main building.

The sign at the entrance depicting the contact between Holland and the former East Indies.

The pond in front of the building. In the water the pipes which transported the water to cool the transmitters.

You can visit the station for a tour if you go to the Tourist Office in Apeldoorn.

The main transmitter hall.

This is how it was 80 years ago.

With the towers still standing tall.

The art deco stairs up the tower.

Can you spot the deliberate mistake?

View of the Veluwe.

What a view!

Let's get to work: PD1AJO and Wouter behind the mikes.

Doing the weekly news broadcast for PI4VRZ/A.

Tim is watching the action.

The 1 kW power amp for 80 meters.

The backup HF rig: a Kenwood TS-140S

A lone TR-9500.

The main seup with a 80 meter and 2 meter trx.

And home we go: bye Radio Kootwijk.



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