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Holiday in Cottessen

August 6th till the 13th we went to the south of Limburg for our last camping holiday. We stayed at the Cottessenhoeve campground in the area called Cottessen (JO20XS). I took my TS-130V, home build tuner, Spiderbeam fiberglass pole and a 10m dipole with me. Conditions were terrible, but still made some nice contacts in SSB all over Europe and got good reports with my 10 Watts. Made one CW contact with PA3CKX, but this resulted in too much sweat on my forehead, so it stayed with one contact only. Maybe more next time.

Second night with wonderful weather and a clear view to the south west.

PA2BX/QRP/P in action!

The antenna pole tied to the back of the van. Recharging the battery, so the hood of the car is open.

One day I put up the antenna as an inverted-V, so the pole was self supported. It worked, but conditions were almost non-existent.

The improvised shack.

QSO: 23

2010-08-0619:5319:53LZ05WFF14.2433SSB59-2059BulgarianSOFIA12 WLZ QSL BUREAU TO LZ1BJ
2010-08-0620:1120:11J48LH14.1791SSB59-4059Cape DOUKATOLEFKAS ISLAND12 WWLOTA LH-4140
2010-08-0709:1509:15DJ3PS7.1715SSB5754FredFreising15 WNo QSL. Nice QSO, but lousy conditions.
2010-08-0713:2513:30MI0RRE18.16SSB5957RobbieNewry,  BT3510 WNice short QSO. Mail photos. His rpt 51-59.
2010-08-0713:4313:47EA3/DL1EHV18.147SSB5541Alberto60 km from Barcelona10 W 
2010-08-0713:4813:49EB3DSD18.152SSB5359Juan 10 WMe 58? Yeah, right!
2010-08-0716:1216:12OH8X18.122SSB59-1059JoelArcala Xtremes10 WJoels call is OH2FHI. Took half an hour of calling.
2010-08-0716:5816:593Z0LH18.1375SSB5959LighthouseSzczecin10 WPOL051
2010-08-0717:4418:03PA3CKX3.574CW599599JanAMERSFOORT15 WKudos! Tnx Jan for helping a CW novice!!!
2010-08-0718:5218:52PD1KSA7.058SSB59-2059Nico 15 WEurocontest call.
2010-08-0814:5414:56TA2AHS14.28SSB59-2055H.Istanbul10 WShort QSO because he had a lot of QRM on his side.
2010-08-0817:5617:58UA6HRR14.2735SSB5755SergeyS. Rogataya Balka, Stavropolsky kr,10 W 
2010-08-0917:2017:27OE3GGS18.136SSB5955GustavAltlengbach10 WHis signal ranged from 51-53-57-59. Me 52-55. He was doing 50 Watts
2010-08-0917:3317:33OM3TWM18.118SSB59-3058VladoKOSICE10 WHe was doing 700 Watts.
2010-08-0917:4317:459A3WL18.1SSB5957MilanCAKOVEC10 W 
2010-08-0918:1518:16LZ2LP14.182SSB5958IvanLovetch10 Wshort QSO
2010-08-0918:2018:25SM2/DL1NZA14.2475SSB5957Hajo 10 WFrom a LH. Deep QSB.
2010-08-0918:4018:45IZ8PNF14.252SSB59-1059GianCastrovillari - CS10 W 
2010-08-0919:0519:05UX7VA18.144SSB5959VladimirKIROVOGRADSKAYA OBLAST10 WHe was doing 50 W.
2010-08-1011:3711:412M0DDS14.237SSB59-3057DaveAberdeen10 WVery deep QSB, but had a nice chat before he went QRT.
2010-08-1011:5512:00LA5ZO7.195SSB5455GeirTONSTAD15 WMM in south Norway. QSO together with M3TUC., QSL ON REQUEST.
2010-08-1011:5512:00M3TUC7.195SSB5957TucCARLISLE,  CA115 WAfter Geir I talked on with Tuc till 1209. Deep QSB, but slower than 20 meters.
2010-08-1017:3717:37CR6K/P14.246SSB5859Filipe LopesWFF-CTFF1210 WLast station contacted from JO20XS.

Here some more images taken by one of the other happy campers who e-mailed them to me a couple of weeks later. Click on them for the hi-res versions.



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