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EDR Silkeborg

In May 2010 I was in Denmark on holiday with my family. To make some new radio friends I contacted the local chapter of the EDR, the Experimental Danish Radio society, in Silkeborg.

They have their own club house, which looks like this.

Located next to a factory.

They have a weekly meeting and it was announced that I would be visiting.

You can't miss the club house: OZ5JR's car is parked out in front.

OZ7DW, OZ5JR and OZ1EFS take a look at a salvaged computer.

OZ1ETE, OZ6CF and OZ7JI review the test bench for power supplies.

OZ1CAF and OZ8YV check out the web for solderless N-connectors.

The shack, for the moment only with VHF equipment.

OZ1CAF and OZ8YV in the tech room.

OZ6CF, OZ3QY, OZ7DW, OZ2O, OZ8YV and OZ1EFS enjoying coffee and cake. Danish hospitality at its best.



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