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About me

Just shy of turning 13 years old I was playing in the attic where I found my grandpa and grandma's old Philips radio. I turned it on and unable to find my kind of music I started fiddling with the knobs. Found a station where the presenters had some weird Dutch accent. Turned out to be Radio RSA in Dutch. The year was 1980 and I received it without even an antenna. No surprise with the sunspot number almost at its peak in the 11 year cycle. I have been listening to shortwave ever since.

Actually, my first realization that radio is something magic was when I was six years old. We had a big stereo set with record player in the living room, to which we listened together as a family. But somehow I got a small portable transistor radio to use in my room. To my surprise the same program that we listened to on the big living room stereo set came out of my little radio! I experienced "broad casting" and till this day I still feel magic when I turn on a radio.

To be continued.....



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